10 Feb
My Design for Shots teacher says that guys who draw ass and titties are just lonely people who aren’t getting any. But. What does that say about me?

10 Aug
Senraq comic is now up for download

Compiled into a zip, which my author’s notes in it. No changes made from the original. If anyone is interested!

Please do not use or distribute without my consent!

20 Apr

Sneak peek at the collaborative comic Ellen and I are doing titled “Vitriolic Best Buds”! Basically a small comic book of funny recollections with each other and our other roommates/other friends. 

We’ll hopefully be selling these at the CCA Students Comics Fair held in the Escapist Comic Bookstore in Berkeley! EVERYONE SHOULD GO! I’M DOING A COMIC READING! COME SEE ME READ \O/

8 Mar
I’m obviously upset, so I decide to talk about one of the things that make me so.

28 Feb
Dream Log: A Mini-Comic

Here’s the mini-comic we had to do for our Graphic Novel class! 

It was very cathartic making this because it was about something extremely personal and sensitive to me and a lot of other people around me. Making this actually helped me come to my own conclusion/closure, and it just really stresses how much art means to me as a means of expression and outlet. 

Therefore, please do not use or steal without my consent!

I hope you enjoy this (:

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11 Dec

The relationship between my building manager and me. He’s a nice guy, really!

There was this awkward moment when I picked up a package, and he was there. He greeted,

"Hi, Ellen! Is that package for you?"

And I replied,

"Oh, it’s for Ellen." …. "Y-Yeah."


5 Nov

Click for full strip!

Popsicle jokes are the best part about the relationship between my roommates and me.

Haven’t made a comic strip in a while! I’m putting them on top as my banner 8)

10 Apr

Click for full strip!

My first experience at a jam session in the west coast during a birthday party.

…………….I ended up singing.

shout-outs to @themostunoriginalurl and @athincatastrophe since they basically brought me to the party, ahhaha.

I haven’t done these in a while. Figures I’d do one while avoiding wor—WHAT IT’S 8PM ALREADY?!